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Citizen TV’s news anchor Kanze Dena craving for baby number two? check out her post

November 13, 2017 at 14:44
Kanze Dena

Seems that Kanze Dena is now craving for a baby girl girl judging from her recent post shared on Instagram. The lady revealed this through her Instagram page while hanging out with her friend’s daughter. However her caption made it clear that she now wants a baby girl.

Kanze Dena who is a mother is among many media personalities who are single parents with less than two children. But now that her son is a teenager, she might be planning to add another member to her small family.

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Through her Instagram page the lady wrote saying:

Kanze Dena with her friend's baby girl

Kanze Dena with her friend’s baby girl

Mkisikia siku mmoja nnashikwa nimemwiba huyu mtoto mtanilaumu..?? Fada God!!! De prayer which i make when taking dis picture FADA!!!answer oh by thunder by fire!! #MissOmar nimekupa notice. #ofcutebabygirls #broodingmanenos

Kanze Dena’s son

Just recently the news anchor shared a never before seen photo of her baby daddy and son on her Instagram page. She went on to reveal that though they are separated, they have learnt to co-parent for the sake of their young man. As for now Kanze Dena has decided to keep her private life off her social media pages to avoid being stalked.


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