Did Classic 105 FM presenter Maina Kageni publicly confirm that Carol Radull’s marriage is over?

Image: Carol Radull

Word has it that Carol Radull is no longer married to Mike Njiru after their union failed due to some issues most marriages under go.

However, the two did not disclose this but Maina Kageni who was speaking to his listeners on Wednesday morning when he accidentally revealed this. Though the cat had earlier been let out by Pulse who were first to speculate about Carol Radull’s marriage they did not confirm as to whether the two had actually called it quits.

Anyway, Maina Kageni on Wednesday morning was holding his usual debates with his listeners alongside Mwalimu Kinga’ang’i and this time they were discussing whether women value the whole idea of getting married.


“A lady said that she has been with a man for eight years and have kids and a career, (but the two were not married – and that the lady was okay with the arrangement),”

twitted Classic 105 FM.

“The new trend is women having a man for convenience. Ladies, is this all you want?” read another tweet.

The question attracted reactions both on twitter and on air, with one fan citing Carol Radull as a good example a “great” union.

It was then that Maina dropped the bombshell: “Breaking news! Carol Radull is no longer married.”

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