Clingy ex boyfriend Kabba back with another message for Amber Ray

You see Amber Ray earlier this morning shared a message to all her ex boyfriends telling them she has no bad blood and now that it’s over – they should leave things as they are.

A message she thought would sound mature and harmless – you know – something like let bygones be bygones but unfortunately one of her exes Kabba didn’t like the sound of it.

For some reason the guy keeps following up and reacting to everything Amber Ray does which leaves many convinced he has not moved on and worse – his broken heart brings out an ugly side of a clingy ex.

Kabba to Amber Ray – I am not your ex

Having come across the message from Amber Ray, Kabba decided to hit back telling the socialite not to consider him as an ex.

Its so funny for you to call me your ex. I am no one’s ex, you are just in my past. Next time know how to say it. Thanks

And I’m sitting here thinking damn Amber Ray, you damaged somebody’s son – this guy can’t get over what you did or rather taught him in private.

I mean, how else would we explain his mood swings and pain? 

But to be fair…having him cling on the socialite has not only taught us a lesson on simps; but I’m pretty sure next time Amber Ray is single – she won’t go for them pretty boys/men.

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