Clout Chasing Is Part Of My Work, It’s Entertainment- Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has had a tumultuous time pushing the play 75% Kenyan content agenda. It’s evident that majority of artists are not interested in what he’s doing; with some fearing that he’s not using the right path to air his views.

Anything For Clout

Like some other celebrities, Eric Omondi doesn’t mind to surreptitiously orchestrate his next move(s). From

Wife Material Season 1, to Miss P’s recent fake pregnancy reveal, and many more. This were among his many moves he employed to chase clout. He can’t be trusted anymore with whatever he does. The planning of Wife Material Season 1 caught all of us unaware. We have to admit it was a shrewd move.

Video Proof That Eric Omondi and Miss P Faked Pregnancy
Eric Omondi and Miss P-Google

But the jester’s move to reveal musician Miss P’s fake pregnancy didn’t flinch us a bit.

According to Eric, such subtle stunts are not peculiar to entertainers; and are a form of entertainment. Speaking in an interview with Willis Raburu, Eric divulged that clout chasing is part of his work as an entertainer;

”I want to demystify the assumption that Eric Omondi and most of East African artists, including Diamond, they’re relying on kiki. I want to inform the entertainment industry, that the most talked about artists in East Africa, Diamond and Eric Omondi that kiki is part of entertainment. Because entertainment sio tu mziki na kuchekesha… So, it’s not clout, it’s entertainment.

The work of a comedian is to push the envelope, to cross the line. We are allowed…”

Eric continued to justify his sentiments by stating that most netizens are still entertained by what he does; adding that he’s most prolific comedian.

Do you believe clout chasing is a form of entertainment?


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