Co-parenting: Did Maureen Waititu leave her sons with Frankie?

Image: Maureen Waititu finds love

Maureen Waititu is away in Bogota Columbia allegedly gallivanting with her new boyfriend, an unknown man who she seems to be utterly smitten by.

Awww! Photos of Maureen Waititu vacationing with new boyfriend love in Colombia

That is all well and good but I was talking to a mentor of mine who is passionate about fatherhood and he posed a rather interesting story I have not seen anyone else discuss; did she leave her sons with their father?

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

You see, Frankie Just Gym It seems like a very passionate father and he has a mature head resting on his shoulders. That is why when she was attacking him over some fake bullshit she was pushing, he remained mute.

Frankie Just Gym It has exposed how immature his ex Maureen Waititu really was

She was lying that he had abandoned his children in favour of shacking up with his current common-law wife, Corazon Kwamboka.

Maureen Waititu with her children by Frankie Just Gym It
Maureen Waititu with their sons

And at the time, she went out of her way to paint him like quite the villain but he quickly dispelled the nonsense by simply revealing the full, undoctored edition of text exchange.

“I never stopped believing in love” Maureen Waititu opens up months after nasty breakup

So why wouldn’t she allow him to spend time with his sons? I hope to high heaven that she is away enjoying her time and he has been allowed to spend time with his children. I hope he is currently with his sons.

Corazon Kwamboka
Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It spending time with son Taiyari

And if it was not her decision to allow this interaction, I hope the man she is currently dating uses his head as more than a saliva dispenser and he insisted that Frankie be allowed to actually father his children. Why? Because if for no other reason than because one day Mama Watoto might turn her wrath on him and deny him their children together.

Maureen Waititu
With their two sons

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