Co-wife conflict: Karen Nyamu calls out Samidoh’s first wife for being jealous of her success

The last time we checked Samidoh wasn’t sleeping in either Karen Nyamu’s home or first wife Eddah’s place. In fact, word making rounds on social media is the the singer was out to enjoy life in Mombasa, since both his wives weren’t giving him peace back at home.

First wife, Eddy with hubby Samidoh

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With the breakup rumors making rounds on social media, Karen Nyamu fueled the situation by sharing a meme which reflected her ‘single love life’ and just like that – the lawyer cum politician confirmed there’s trouble back at home.

Eddah on the other shared a post showing support for Julie Kabogo in the Senatorial race for Nairobi County, knowing very well co wife – Karen Nyamu is also eyeing the same seat but on a UDA ticket.

Samidoh with second wife, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu addresses Edday

Having heard that Karen Nyamu has been securing some government tenders for Edday  through Samidoh, one would have expected her to be grateful and show some support for the co wife friendship – but no!

Seems like Edday still despises Karen Nyamu for getting involved with Samidoh and no matter how much she keeps doing good – life for as bestfriend co wives will just never happen.

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Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Well, at least Edday made this obvious by supporting Julie Kabogo in the Senatorial race for Nairobi County hence leaving Karen Nyamu woke on the reality of things.

Anyway, addressing her co wife’s actions during a recent interview with popular blog Karen Nyamu said she is not in a competition with anyone. If anything, Julie Kabogo is vying for the seat on a Chama Cha Kazi ticket – while she is riding on UDA ticket. So who do you think will win?

And lastly Nyamu pointed out that Edday’s actions were that of a jealous person.

It is her right but I am not in competition with whoever she is supporting. Right now, you all know that chama ni mbili. UDA and Azimio in all the positions. Hizo zingine ziko chini. I can’t be in such a competition. She should also plan on starting something so that we also support her badala ya wivu.

At this rate, Samidoh may have to settle for one wife – if not starting a brand new life with his coast babe. No?

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