Co-wives haiwezi: Amber Ray and Jimal’s baby mama leave no stone unturned while insulting each other on Instagram

Image: Amber Ray Vs Jimal’s baby mama, Catherine Wangui

Turns out that Jimal Roho Safi has a couple of ladies out here in Nairobi; but I believe this is because the ratio of men to women is 1:4 – or for lack of better words – Nairobi relationships equals to per person sharing.

Anyway now that Amber Ray has been named as the legal second wife to Jimal Rohosafi; the guy’s other baby mamas have started tripping as they hoped to scoop that position; only for a socialite to bag it in less than a year of dating.

Anyway, as seen on a few screenshots shared by Amber Ray who exposed Jimal’s second baby mama (Catherine Wangui) for insulting her; we see the lady throw all types of shade from referring to Amber as a husband snatcher, a gardening tool among other names.

The insults

Although it’s not clear as to why the alleged baby mama decided to pick on Amber Ray; judging from the posts shared by the Tea master – it’s evident that Amber joining Jimal’s family has left a lot of bitterness in the other low key co wives.

Just when we thought Amira Jimal was the only lady affected by the socialite’s involvement with Jimal Rohosafi; Catherine proved us otherwise as she went on to write to Amber Ray saying;

Amber Ray claps back

From the ongoing drama it’s clear to see that Nairobi is one big bedroom; and thanks to Jimal and his wives – we can now never argue with this theory.

Anyway having seen how sharp Amber Ray’s mouth is; in response to the baby mama’s insults – Amber hit below the belt by asking Catherine Wangui not to wait for marriage; as this Somali bae they’re all fighting for will never wife her.


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