Colonel Mustafa makes comeback to Noti Flow´s ¨gay¨ allegations

Image: Colonel Mustafa responds to Noti Flow´s ¨gay¨ allegations

The feud between Noti Flow and her pretentious ex, Colonel Mustafa continues after Mustafa calls her out for being over-reactive.

Noti Flow shot herself on the face, confirming Mustafa is indeed gay after previously defending him.

The Kenyan rapper has now fired back at his ex, Noti, claiming she is bitter just because they are no longer an item.

I dated her for two years. You want to tell me that for the two years I was with her, it is only the other day she came to know I am gay? Noti Flow is bitter that I left her two months ago. And, I have valid reasons as to why I ended my relationship with her.

Colonel Mustafa counters Noti Flow´s ¨gay¨ allegations

Adding that Noti started cheating on him with a white.

I wouldn´t want to reveal much, but I can say she started seeing a white man behind my back.

Apparently, Mustafa was forewarned by the mum about the kind of girl Noti is.

My mum came to know about it and advised me to be careful with her. It is unfortunate that she threw the religion card in her wild allegations, that is not fair at all.

Noti Flow embroiled in a war of words with ex, Colonel Mustafa

According to the rapper, how would he be gay, having dated Marya and Huddah Monroe before?

Noti Flow´s allegations are ridiculous to say the least.

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