Colonel Mustafa Set To Make Music Comeback

Colonel Mustafa has announced that he is making a comeback to the music industry.

Speaking during an interview at the Kenya National Theatre ahead of the much anticipated Watanashati Festival, Mustafa said that he has recorded an EP and is ready to release new music.

“My mother has finished radiotherapy and is fine now, so I have been able to go back to the studio and record an EP,” he said.

Mustafa has been quiet for some years after his life hit rock bottom when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He released a song in 2022, but it flopped due to lack of consistency.

His audience had disappeared during the time he had been away, and he struggled to make ends meet. A video of him carrying bricks at a construction site went viral, which showed how difficult things had become for him.

However, artists, friends, and media personalities came to his rescue, and he is now back on his feet.

Mustafa’s announcement of his music comeback is exciting news for his fans. He is a talented artist, and his new music is sure to be well-received.

I am glad that Mustafa is doing well and that he is able to pursue his passion for music. I wish him all the best in his comeback.

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