Comedian 2mbili still loves his baby mama very much, here is why

With Oga Obinna spilling details from 2mbili’s toxic relationship online, we have seen many come out in support of the comedian – not forgetting some of colleagues who are now sharing more details of how he has suffered under his baby mamas roof.

Okay okay, i know we are all against gender based violence and in this case – a woman battering her own husband/baby daddy like a child. First of all, huyu ni mwanamke wa aina gani? Second did she grow up watching her mum beat her dad up – the same way she is putting her kids? Third, if tired why not leave besides she seems to have enough strength to put in work and raise the kids alone?

But again, i am reminded that we outsiders will never understand the kind of love 2mbili gets from this woman. I mean, if not love – do you honestly think he would have stayed the first time he was clobbered like a thief? Hapana. Hapa ndio unaaambiwa mambo ya watu wamelala kitanda moja ni ngumu.

Doing it for his wife

Well you see, while some claim his reasons for staying with her is because of the kids – but i can bet my life he is there because he loves the mother of his kids who doubles up as the love of his life.

I mean has he not covered for her before? YY said it on a comment where he wrote:

And so did Obinna…but all in all – its evident he choses to stay even after going through all that. So now that his friends are the ones pushing him to speak out on the abuse….question is, what if he defends her? Mutaambia watu nini? 

Yes it looks ugly from where we are all watching but if 2mbili can’t see it for himself then Obinna might have just lost a friend in 2mbili and an enemy in the wife. Mambo ya watu wawili msifanye nini….msiingililie saaaaana.

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