Comedian Eric Omondi Hailed For Supporting Babu Owino, Mathare Protestor Victor Juma After They Were Arrested

Comedian Eric Omondi has met with Victor Juma, a Mathare resident who was arrested during anti-government protests on Wednesday.

Omondi visited Juma at the Mathare Police Station on Thursday and provided him with food and water. He also expressed his commitment to securing Juma’s release and helping him find employment.

“I have just met with Victor Juma, the man who was arrested while crying for his child who was teargassed in Mathare,” Omondi wrote on Instagram. “We are planning to get him out and help him secure a job.”

Juma was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after he confronted police officers who were tear-gassing residents of Mathare. He was charged with incitement to violence and released on bail on Thursday morning.

Omondi’s visit to Juma has been met with praise from Kenyans who have commended him for his activism and commitment to helping those in need.

“This is what we need from our celebrities,” one Twitter user wrote. “Not just tweeting about the situation but actually going out and helping those who are affected.”

Another user wrote, “Eric Omondi is a true hero. He is using his platform to make a difference in the lives of ordinary Kenyans.”

Omondi has been a vocal critic of the government’s handling of the protests. He has called for the release of all those who have been arrested and for an end to police brutality.

His visit to Juma is a further sign of his commitment to fighting for the rights of Kenyans.

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