Comedian JB Masanduku and new wife expecting baby number 2

JB Masanduku’s career is not where it used to be. Truth is, just like most comedians, he lost his way somewhere along the way; and guessing his dramatic breakup with Tina Kaggia also affected his fan base – hence his current struggle to keep up.

However luckily for him, Masanduku was able to fight through his addiction to alcohol; and in the process of recovery he met his wife, Jackie Karanja who doubles up as an actress.

JB with new wife and son

With his new supportive wife, let’s say JB Masanduku is slowly evolving into a better man; and above all a responsible dad who says he will be welcoming another child hopefully in December. Speaking to Word Is, the comedian opened up about this saying;

  We are expecting a baby with Jackie. She is three months pregnant and so hopefully in December, we will welcome our baby.

JB and blended family

Although many say JB Masanduku’s career is no longer relevant; (I guess time has evolved and things changed) – but we cannot overlook the fact the he was among the top comedians in the industry who have paved ways for the new millennium funny kids i.e Crazy Kennar.

Anyway, now that life is finally looking up for JB Masanduku; the soon to be father of 5 went on to reveal that things between him and ex wife are slowly getting better and hopefully he will soon be accessing his other 3 kids who live with Kaggia’s parents.

Life has been good. I am grateful since I have been able to meet my baby mama and I will be meeting her mum so we can agree on how I will be accessing my kids

Tina Kaggia and ex husband, JB Masanduku

JB Masanduku also went on to add that current wife Ms Karanja, already met his ex-wife Tina Kaggia; and although I can promise that these two can’t be besties – at least their kids can be friends at some point in life.

She met Tina as well and things are good.

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