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Comedian Nasra Yusuf Opens Up on Mental Struggles After Miscarriage (Screenshots)

July 07, 2022 at 17:11
Comedian Nasra Yusuf Opens Up on Mental Struggles After Miscarriage (Screenshots)

Popular Churchill Show comedian Nasra Yusuf is mourning her unborn baby after she suffered a miscarriage a few days ago. The jester was in sombre as she narrated the heart-wrenching details of her struggles while in hospital. She shared a gloomy photo of herself while in hospital;

“Loosing my little angel before I even met him/her makes it even harder to process I was way too excited for this journey, I had everything, from the name, to the sort of life he/she would have all figured out in my mind..ooh how I wish I just saw your little face my baby.”

The saddest part is Nasra was going to be a first time mum but it didn’t happen. She however, showed her hubby Rashid gratitude for being by her side during such a moment.

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Nasra Speaks On Mental Struggles

It’s been a tough couple of days for the comedian, but she gathered a little strength to share about the miscarriage and how it has immensely affected her. To begin with, she stated that her mental health is in jeopardy even after a fan tried to console her; ‘

”Physically I’m better … Mentally, well, that’s a rollercoaster… But they say time heals.”

She continued to insinuate that she’ll not be having a baby soon ober fears of losing yet another baby to miscarrige;

”Good for you. But your experiences are different. The fear that was instilled in me will take a long time to get over.”



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