Comedian Njugush is the real ambassador of body positivity

Image: Before and after photos of Njugush 20 years apart spark wild reactions

Njugush is the real image of body positivity and we should all emulate his example. Hear me out. You see, he has for the longest time been a skinny runt who looked like he weighed thirty-two kilograms when wet from a thunderstorm that drenched his heavy woollen sweater and wearing boots.

Before and after photos of Njugush 20 years apart spark wild reactions

Njugush isn’t one to buy the nonsense interpretation of the term “body positivity” which usually gives an excuse to women who refuse to actually take care of their bodies and view them positively, instead shovelling toxins and junk into them and then celebrating the resultant obesity and legitimate health scares occasioned by knowing about lifestyle diseases.

Njugush chilling with his son

Rather than make an excuse for himself to eat an unhealthy mix of toxic food in the attempt to “dirty bulk”, he has gone into the gym and has actually begun to put in the work to get a body he can be truly proud of. A body that he would have chiselled away from the marble he had to begin with.

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You see, for men, being skinny is just as bad as it is for women who are fat. They get a lot of jokes made at their expense and if the truth is told, a lot of skinny lads start developing a self-deprecating sense of humour. And when you think about it, almost every man who hits the gym t work on their physique usually boasts an improved state of mental health aswell as boosted confidence aside from the fact their immune system enjoys the boost too.

Comedian Blessed Njugush taking care of his body

When you look across the landmass that is Africa then across the pond that separates us from America, we can look at Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle. Like Njugush, these men were unsatisfied with what they saw in the mirror every morning they’d wake up and check it out and rather than buy implants, they put in the work and are now truly proud of their bodies.

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All we can do from this side is cheer on Njugush and tell him to keep at it. Eventually, he will be proud of his physique and he will be an example to his children and wife, leading from the fore and showing that he values hard work and discipline. So anyone who truly claims to stand for body-positivity needs to look at the example that is Njugush and not these feminists and pseudo-intellectuals who claim they are standing for anything other than toxic consumption and over-indulgence.

Njugush with son

More power and more life to Njugush.

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