Comedian Oga Obinna Reveals How A Photo With Size 8 Cost Him His Relationship

Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna has revealed that a seemingly innocent photo with gospel singer Size 8 led to the demise of his relationship.

Obinna, who was an intern at Q FM at the time, said that he took the photo with Size 8 as a joke, but his girlfriend at the time did not see it that way.

“At the time I was a comedian and I have to be dramatic, so we took a photo of me carrying size 8,” Obinna said. “But my girlfriend at the time was not happy about it. She thought I was cheating on her.”

Obinna said that his girlfriend became so angry that she started breaking things in the house. He eventually had to leave the house and stay with a friend.

The next day, Obinna had a show to perform, but he had to go with cuts on his face from the fight with his girlfriend.

Obinna said that the incident taught him a valuable lesson about the importance of communication in relationships. He said that he should have talked to his girlfriend about the photo before he posted it on social media.

“I should have communicated with her and explained that it was just a joke,” Obinna said. “But I didn’t, and that’s what cost me my relationship.”

Obinna’s story is a reminder that even seemingly innocent photos can have serious consequences. It is important to be mindful of the people around us and to think about how our actions might affect them.

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