Comedian Owago Onyiro addresses rumors claiming he is a conman!

Image: Owago and Churchill

Comedian Owago Onyiro has come forward to defend himself from rumors claiming that he has been conning Netizens through his social media pages!

The comedian popularly known for his adult jokes and of course skilled hands when it comes to the kitchen was recently exposed for conning a man about Ksh 7500. This is after the conned person sent the alleged Owago money after purchasing some food from his online page.

Well, this not being the first time a celebrity is accused of stealing money from online fans; Owago could not maintain his silence as he opened up explaining the situation.

Owago and Jalas

Please please guys my name is not Otieno Adhiambo and this is not my number. Stop looking for my family or me when you get conned.

Be warned!

According to Owago,he does not sell any electronics not kitchen appliances; therefore those being conned should avoid dragging his name into issues he knows nothing about.

Owago accused of conning fans on social media

 I don’t sell any electronics or kitchen equipment. Please check first my verified Instagram account…Whatever I post here is what I sell. On Facebook look for Byron Otieno Owago Onyiro. The remaining posts are imposters and if you aren’t keen, they will still steal from you guys because they copy-paste everything I post on my real accounts.

This comes a few months after Owago Onyiro launched his cooking side hustle; and being a man who knows his kitchen, someone took advantage of this skill to make money!

Comedian Owago’s post

However despite being a well skilled chef – Owago says he does not own any business that deals with kitchen equipment! I bet with the hard times here due to the pandemic; the hustlers also seem to be getting smarter!

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