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Comedian Owago Onyiro Hospitalized, Says He ‘Almost Died’ (Photos)

August 04, 2022 at 14:00
Comedian Owago Onyiro Hospitalized, Says He 'Almost Died' (Photos)

Talented Churchill Show comedian Owago Onyiro has narrated his near-death experience while in hospital for the past few days. The jester has shared heart-wrenching details and photos of how he almost died while undergoing treatment.
Via his Instagram, Owago shared the latter and captioned one of his photos;
”It has been hectic for me the past 4 days.
Fainted and passed out for almost 4 hours.
Saw real death and came back……… Trust me I am not dying anytime soon again in Jesus name……….Thank you Lord for making me live again.”
He continued by thanking the Almighty for giving him a 2nd chance as he wrote;
”Here I was gone forever………Didn’t know anything for 4 hours.
Thank you Lord for saving my life 🙏.
I cheated death on this fateful day…..Thank you Lord once again for saving my life 🙏.”
The comedian is yet to share details on what he was suffering from that almost took his life. Below are more of his photos;


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