Comedian YY Shouldn’t Take Lightly Andrew Kibe’s Sentiments On His Daughter

Andrew Kibe has once again roped in response from a celebrity after he insinuated that Comedian YY’s daughter isn’t actually his daughter.

According to Kibe, the uncanny resemblance of YY’s daughter to Butita is one to question. Recently, YY Comedian had shared a video of his daughter playing with Butita’s phone and in the process, the mobile phone fell and the screen cracked.

The two jesters started a conversation about who should be responsible for the phone repair. Eddie Butita said YY should pay since his baby dropped the phone while YY said Butita should be responsible since he gave the phone to the baby and he should also try to reason with her.

Kibe’s Reaction

Since Kibe is used to such ‘tea’ his reaction was imminent. He went ahead and shared the clip, denigrating YY comedian.

“Looks like YY Comedian Amechezwa na Boot Eater, he wrote and shared.”

YY Comedian Reacts

Upon seeing Kibe’s sentiments, Comedian YY responded and claimed that he won’t have beef with Kibe since it’s part of his content.

“We cannot be mad and triggered by jokes….Kibe is doing what he knows best which is to entertain…Even in my jokes,I offend others and make others laugh…let’s enjoy and move….Kibe anafanya tu kazi yake.”

Comedian YY’s daughter Circe turned a year old in December 2022.

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