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Comedy to Music, ‘Kidesign’ Butita Ft King Kaka X Dj Shiti

July 02, 2019 at 19:54
Comedy to Music, 'Kidesign' Butita Ft King Kaka X Dj Shiti

Butita from Comedy now to music with a new jam Kidesign featuring King Kaka and Dj Shiti. In this jam, Shiti has brought out his comic nature. I think this is the most weird collaboration I have heard in a long time.

Is King Kaka trying to promote upcoming artists? Well, be the judge. He has also performed his line as a rapper.

To start with,Dj Shiti is just known for his comedy. He talks in all his lines. I just find this funny and you’ll definitely crack your ribs.

Also,Kedisign is all about how they have their own style on how they want things to run. Their clothes have a design as they say.

Production of Kidesign

Kidesign is a performance of Butita Ft King Kaka x DJ Shiti. It has also seen the work of other hands and brains. It has been directed by  Deska Torres of  Platnumz Pictures. To add to this,the audio has been produced by Magix Enga.

I feel like apart from being just a comedian Eddie Butita has really tried in this song. Actually, not at one time that I thought of such a collaboration.

Also, the video is well done. It has met international standards. The visuals are dope and the background was well thought of. In addition, the beats are good.


To start with, we must all agree that Dj Shiti’s style in music is just funny. Honestly I have laughed my heart in this jam. First,Kidesign has a special way from the way the lyrics are done. It is more of comedy to me.

Further, the  role of turn-taking is also taken care of. In this case, you realize that the verses are performed in different styles. There is Shiti talking, King Kaka rapping and Butita doing his thing.

Also, Kidesign features people that we all know. Could you have thought that King Kaka would feature in such kind of work? Although this guys are comedians, there is just something they can add to music.

In conclusion, the song is good and if you would like to laugh then this it. I rate it at 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.


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