Confirmed! Actor Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa living as man and wife (Photos)

Image: Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to fuel marriage speculations in juicy photo

For a while now many have been asking whether Pascal Tokodi and NTV’s Grace Ekirapa are married. Thanks to their wedding photos a few fans here and there were convinced that their union was real; however rumor had it that the photos and videos were from a music video shoot.

During their various interviews the two also made sure not to spill any details about this; and after almost 3 months of thinking the wedding was fake, turns out that they are actually man and wife.

This was revealed by popular blogger who managed to get a never seen before photo of Ekirapa’s home; and among the decorations on her wall is a photo from her wedding with Pascal. So question is, why would the she have the portrait on her wall, yet they claim the wedding was fake?

Pascal and Ekirapa’s home

Happily Married

Judging from how proudly Pascal wears his wedding band – we can confirm that he indeed in loves his wife; but prefers to keep his relationship off social media. This is probably because he understands how social media love works and since his wife is a quiet person – it’s best to protect her from the bullies.

Inside Ekirapa’s home

Anyway now that the cat is out of the box, fans cannot wait for the two to start sharing at least one or two posts appreciating each other on social media. But will they really? Let’s wait and see.

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