CONFIRMED: Andrew Kibe Leaving NRG Radio To Join KISS 100

Xtian Dela took to Instagram to confirm the rumors that first emerged on Mpasho. So word has it that Kibe’s is going to replace Adelle who announced her exit from Kiss 100 on Instagram.

Question now is whether Kibe has what it takes to break the curse of Kiss 100 that saw Nyamabane, Jalang’o and Chipukeezy all lose their jobs within two years of taking the hot seat! or can we simply say that the hit music model just doesn’t work for Kenya?

NRG has been blazing the trail as the first media house to run an always-on influencer campaign. This seems to be paying off with a Geopoll study showing that NRG has achieved a record 660% in brand love among the 18 – 24 in Kenya in just one year. Their recent launch of Choice Radio and FunX gives us a taste of the things to come.

Perhaps Kiss can learn a thing or two from NRG about the philosophy of building talent from the ground up. Makes me recall the day Mpasho poached Ghafla’s top talent. Despite having to start from scratch, we built a leaner and better product that’s now entertaining young people in 6 countries across Africa!

I’m curious to know your thoughts on whether you think Kibe/Kiss made a wise move or a mistake!

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