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Congratulations! Diamond Platnumz officially welcomes his niece (Photos)

October 12, 2020 at 10:47
Congratulations! Diamond Platnumz officially welcomes his niece (Photos)

It is all cheer and laughter after the Dangote’s officially welcomed a new addition into their family.

Queen Darleen who in early December 2019, tied the knot with her tycoon husband, Isihaka Mtoro finally welcomed a newborn baby girl.

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The Mtoro family, which is a polygamous marriage, flocked the hospital yesterday, to cheer up and show love to WCB’s first lady Queen Darleen, ahead of her delivery.

The Isihaka Mtoro family finally welcome newborn

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The Big Day

October 10, 2020 the cry of a newborn was heard at the hospital. A girl already named “Balqis Isihaka” now crowned the princess of Isihaka and Queen Darleen.

Humbly adoring: “Alhamdullilah🙏🤲 10.10.2020. Baby Girl Balqis Isihaka. Thanks Allah.”

Queen Darleen and hubby welcome bouncing baby girl, Balqis

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The WCB King, Diamond Platnumz, Queen Darleens half-brother was pictured gladly holding his adorable niece few hours after birth.

For him, it is a blessing he can never take for granted. Sitting right beside the new mom, looking blown away while gladly staring at the newborn in his arms.

Diamond Platnumz officially welcomes niece

Mama Dangote, Darleens step-mum could not hide her joy. Asking her young husband, Rally Jones to have enough of the number of children born into the family because she is not about to bear him any children.

Esma Platnumz on the other hand, celebrated the new parents in town. Congratulating them for the beautiful milestone, wishing them nothing but Gods blessings.

Congratulations to them!


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