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Conje anachoma! Former Boxer Conjestina accused of torching her home in Gem Yala, Siaya

August 27, 2021 at 12:04

Word making rounds is that former boxer Conjestina Achieng’s mental heath is getting worse; to a point where she just torched her house in Gem Yala, in Siaya County.

Former boxer: Conjestina Achieng accuses of torching her house

This is the latest news concerning the female boxer who is said to be mentally unstable; due to depression which later resulted to a permanent mental illness; and clearly Conje needs help.

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As seen on a Tweet shared by one Ole Teya; the fella went on to reveal that Conjestina’s actions were fueled by frustrations; and I’m assuming this has to do something with money; cause clearly kama kumekauka hivi Nairobi her situation must be worse especially since she lives with her parents back in the vial age.

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Announcing the news, the Twitter user wrote;

Conjestina Achieng torches her house in Gem Yala, Siaya county citing frustration.

Conjestina Achieng

Former Boxer Conjestina needs help!

With the news making rounds on social media like wild fire; KoT has come forth to question the government (not like they really care) for abandoning a champion that once represented Kenya during boxing matches in the world.

Conjestina during boxing match
Photo credits: gettyimages

Some even bashed Raila for never stepping in to help Conjestina; im guessing because they’re from the same tribe – but either way – the old man could have done something.

Anyway, this incident comes after months the former boxer made headlines for fighting villagers back in Gem; and when she started roaming around like homeless person; and now – amechoma, literally she torched her house.


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