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“Conje did not burn down her house” Carol Radull explains fire incident at former boxers home

August 30, 2021 at 14:18
“Conje did not burn down her house” Carol Radull explains fire incident at former boxers home

On Friday 27th, August we woke up to news claiming that former female boxer Conjestina Achieng; had torched down her house due to frustrations of life.

Well, knowing very well that she hasn’t been mentally stable for a while now; bloggers and fans jumped on the story and just like that – it spread like wild fire all over social media.

However thanks to Carol Radull, a sports media personality who doubles up as Conjestina’s family friend; took to Instagram where she explained about the fire incident saying, the rumors were untrue.

Tbt: Conjestina

According to Radull, the fire did not burn down Conjestina’s house but just a few clothes and personal items. The lady wrote;

I need to clarify a few things because of misinformation flying around.


An accidental fire broke out in her house. Her clothes and some personal items got burnt. She raised the alarm and the fire was put out with minimal damage to her house. She is physically fine. Her house is standing and her medals that she treasures so much are intact.

Calls out well wishers for failing to deliver

Radull who is known to many also decided to use the opportunity to call out Hero’s Council who apparently promised to help Conjestina after leaving rehab; but as usual – they disappeared as soon as the media and blogs stopped writing about the boxer.

Conjestina and Carol Radull

Addressing them through the same post, Radull went on to add;

While Conjestina Achieng is going through challenges after the Heroes Council promised her work after rehab last year but did not honour their promise… Conje did NOT burn down her house last night.

And in conclusion,

That said; please continue to pray for her well being. And if you have work for her; or wish to support her in any way, please inbox her son @Charltone_Otieno on instagram. Or inbox me on ig (My fb inbox is so busy that I miss so many messages) 🙏🏽


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