Coparenting between Mama Abby and Kabi wa Jesus clearly not working

Image: Kabi introduces his daughter

We finally got to see Kabi’s daughter thanks to a new photo shared by the Wa Jesus family introducing their baby girl to the world. This however comes months after Kabi publicly denied his own blood; only for a DNA test to prove that he is Abby’s biological dad.

Singe then all we know is that there have been ups and downs between the Wa Jesus family and mama Abby who doubles up as mama Abby.

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From what the single mum says is that the Wa Jesus have been meeting her half way as it should be; but I’m guessing having raised the girl on her own for 7 years – she hopes to get some compensation.

Anyway just a few hours after Kabi posted baby Abby’s face on social media; mama Abby on the other hand decided to call out her baby daddy and wife for using their daughter to get online attention.

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I’m not happy – Mama Abby

Speaking to blogger Edgar Obare, mama Abby opened up revealing why dealing with baby daddy is turning out to be harder than she thought. she wrote;

Hi Edgar… I am also shocked to see he posted Abby without my consent.

She went on to accuse Kabi for using their daughter to generate hits for his social media accounts;

So far he is doing what he wants and what is good for him not considering Abby’s feelings in anyway or what she has been through.

It’s definitely not going to be an easy one for these two exes to coparent; but clearly both of them are using this parenting thing to battle out old grudges.


Anyway, not to take sides or anything…but – can’t help but wonder why Kabi used his first day with Abby to film while they had a lot of catching to do. Selfish much?

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