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Corazon Kwamboka Comforted By Viral City Dancer After Break Up (Video)

February 21, 2022 at 14:52
Corazon Kwamboka Comforted By Viral City Dancer After Break Up (Video)

After Corazon and Frankie Just Gym It break up, Corazon is not taking chances with her mental health. There have been numerous memes & negative comments on her page by fans hitting her with ‘we told you so’. See, Frankie has been hopping from one chick to another after impregnating them. And this doesn’t seem to bother him.

With that being said, Corazon is still living her life normally as an advocate. At least she’s able to take care of her own kids. Co-incidentally, Frankie’s baby mama Maureen Waititu doubles up as a lawyer.

Frankie Just Gym It shared sweet message on Mother's Day

Frankie and his baby mama-Google

Corazon Comforted By Tiktoker

Viral city tiktoker Moya David has taken matters in his own hands upon learning about Corazon’s break-up. Known for his impeccable dancing skills on the streets, Moya has touched many souls with his entertaining dance skills. This time, he has come to Corazon’s rescue as they made a short clip that has made rounds on social media.

Who’s Next?

Bearing in mind Frankie’s two baby mama’s, a sexy female lawyer will definitely suffice for him as a next lover. Frankie is yet to comment on the paramount issue of breaking up with Corazon; whom he had proposed to while they were on holiday in Zanzibar late last year.

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Watch their short clip below;


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