Corazon Kwamboka house hunting leaves many wondering whether Frankie is about to lose custody of his kids – AGAIN

Corazon Kwamboka recently announced shes looking for a new home since she’s planning to move out of her apartment – the same house she was living with Frankie Just Gym It before breakup.

Tbt: Frankie proposes to Corazon

From what we know is that things don’t really look good between the two especially after Frankie’s interview where he outed his baby mamas insecurities to the world. This not only angered Corazon Kwamboka and Maureen Waititu but also nations who couldn’t believe that Frankie stooped so low.

Anyway with that, we confirmed that chances of getting back together were slim to zero & now that Corazon Kwamboka is house hunting….Well its only fair to say Frankie ruined his friendship with his baby mama and she’s ready to let go of the memories too.

House hunting….I’m so excited for a new start

Fresh start

From the post shared above you can see the former socialite excited about a fresh start and since she also already hinted that she’s moved on…clearly Corazon doesn’t want her new man coming to the same house Frankie was living in.

Although the apartment she’s currently living in belongs to her, Corazon Kwamboka is still determined to move to a rental; which will allow her to rent her expensive high end apartment meaning more money for her and the kids.

Inside Corazon Kwamboka’s apartment

From the photos shared from the apartment – lets say this house probably goes for about Ksh 90k to 150k rent and with this economy – its actually better to rent it out, right?

Anyway I guess its either Frankie making her move or maybe she just wants to invest. But – can’t help but wonder whether she’ll still let her baby daddy visit the new place or how is coparenting going to work? Mmmmh Corazon Kwamboka borrowing a leaf from Maureen Waititu?

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