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Corazon Kwamboka Opens Up On Vulnerability After Posting Photo In Low Cut Bikini

January 26, 2021 at 11:36
Corazon Kwamboka Opens Up On Vulnerability After Posting Photo In Low Cut Bikini

Curvaceous Corazon Kwamboka is without a doubt one of the sexiest socialites in the country. Her rise to fame began with photos. Her pictures went viral after people admired her curvy body.

Being a socialite has not affected her plans as she recently became a mom. She however opened up on how women are vulnerable to online bullies and body shaming. This happens days after Radio personality Kamene Goro was called a ‘Hippo’ because of her body size.

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On an Instagram post, Corazon appreciated all women who gave her support. She also pointed out she’s a CS (Cesarean Section) mom, an endometriosis survivor and that she’s proud to wear her scars.

”On Sunday I posted a photo in a low cut bikini and got a ton of support from women/mothers, I would love to appreciate you all. Posting a picture filter free and to be vulnerable in front of a cruel world isn’t the easiest thing to do, but when I see women standing up against bullies and ignorant comments, and also seeing women say how encouraged they are to see that we all have struggles with our bodies, it makes it all worth it.

However, there were also few ignorant comments from a few sad women. But from the kind of comments they wrote, I believe it was just an effort to make themselves feel better by pointing out my imperfections. I am an endometriosis survivor and I’m proud to wear my scars. I also just birthed a baby (CS mom) and I think I look damn great.”

Corazon is simply unbreakable. She tends to shove off her haters with ease. All I can say is we should stop hating and body shaming. No one chose to be the way they are, otherwise we would all be angels!


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