Corazon Kwamboka’s Situation Is Hilarious!

Corazon Kwamboka is heartbroken and somehow, once again, we find ourselves caught up in the middle of her love life. I don’t know whether it is just me who is shocked at how poorly Kenyan celebs think through things.

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka facing relationship issues?

We could start by pointing out the fact that she is currently on social media telling us what is going on between her and her hubby as if we are the duvet that covers their bodies at night.

There is also the fact that she chose not to live with her man whole they are supposedly raising their children as a parental unit. Yup, remember when I pointed out that Corazon Kwamboka was making a mistake by demanding this arrangement? It really was simple common sense.

2nd Kid Na Huna Kakitu-Andrew Kibe A*****s Frankie Just Gym It For Impregnating Corazon Kwamboka

It amounted to putting the cart before the donkey. What she should have been taught not to carry before she married. She should have been taught to in the very least ensure she was in a traditional nuclear family setup before she decided to get pregnant a second time.


The thing is, I have no sympathy for her and neither should you. This whole situation has been a mess from the very beginning. And I am not defending Frankie Just Gym It but notice that he has been silent on the entire affair.

Corazon Kwamboka Sets Condition For Moving In With Frankie Just Gym It (screenshot)

That is the smart play. Corazon Kwamboka need to actually start thinking like a functional adult and realise that the internet is not her diary! If she has issues, she needs to do what normal people do and seek professional help. If that isn’t on the cards then go to people who actually care about you and your life.

Corazon trolled

This entire mess is simply hilarious also because I have to wonder why women think that men like Frankie Just Gym It would not exercise their options. One has to wonder why women are this deluded. No man pushes himself to get a six-pack for him to only be with one woman. Add to that, a man who is financially solid… But for me the real issue was in what Frankie said to explain why he does not live with his fiance -Corazon Kwamboka likes her space…

This shows us that there is a deeper-rooted issue at hand that Corazon Kwamboka and perhaps even her fiance are not clear on… Ultimately, this couple is a bunch of clowns who need couple’s therapy. And Corazon Kwamboka needs to internalise the fact that she is not the prize, Frankie is. That sounds harsh but it is the truth. That aside, we will look into why Frankie’s behaviour is stupid.

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