Couple goals: This is how Rashid Abdalla celebrated his wife leaving many envious of the love they share

Image: Lulu Hassan and husband

They say love is beautiful and when I look at Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan, I clearly see what they mean. Having been married for years now the two still behave like high-school sweethearts and if I am not wrong, they are envied by many people who wish they could have what the two share.

Lulu Hassan and husband
Lulu Hassan and husband

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This past weekend,  Rashid Abdalla shared a sweet message praising his wife for being the best thing that has ever happened to him. He showered his wife with a sweet message that left many of his fans thinking he is a ‘soft’ man. Through his social media pages the now NTV anchor wrote to say:

Lulu Hassan and husband
Lulu Hassan and husband

#sisemikitu Always learn to write your own love story …don’t compete, don’t impress and don’t force it . cc @loulou_hassan

These two have managed to keep their private life on the low but thanks to their social media pages we often get a glimpse of how the two share their love life.

So far they have been blessed with two boys and hopefully pretty much soon Lulu will get a baby girl to take after her like her son are doing with their daddy.

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