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Crazy Kennar on inspiring Youths to take care of their Mental Health

April 11, 2022 at 17:24
Crazy Kennar on inspiring Youths to take care of their Mental Health

Comedian Crazy Kennar describes himself as a crazy fun dude. Apart from that he is also smart, business minded and knows his way around his fans hearts – and that is through his art.

Crazy Kennar

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Speaking recently in a candid interview with Citizen Digital, the young man opened up about his career and life; among other things that didn’t include his love life (just to save you the trouble) but all in all – let’s just say he gave fans what they wanted.

What however caught my attention is his passion to fight depression among the youth – especially with the number of suicide deaths increasing each day. And as you already know, Suicide is a major public health concern and is among the leading causes of death in our society – hence Crazy Kennar’s efforts to reduce it.

Crazy Kennar

Kennar ready to help the Youths

When asked why this topic appears dear to him, Crazy Kennar explained that depression is something experienced from within. For this reason, not many are willing to admit they’re struggling with mental health – which makes it hard to help.

However there are those who are lucky enough to have real friends – hence are able talk out such issues before they escalate. For him, having friends is important, they always come in handy during those times you need a reminder that no situation in life is permanent.

Comedian Crazy Kennar

I have a lot of friends with whom, for instance, if I’m faced with depression, we talk about it and help each other out. Because I believe that when I rise, I need to rise with the people around me.

And for those with no one to talk to, Crazy Kennar comes in with his funny skits which are considered therapeutic. According to him having a clear mind helps a person look at life in a more sensible way; and not with clouded emotions which often lead to rushed decisions, like suicide.

The first way for somebody to start making it is that you have to be of free mind. If you’re stressed you cannot think well, because I think success starts in the mind; when the mind is successful, then the body will follow.

Having witnessed what depression can do to a person, Crazy Kennar says fight against this monster started back in High school at Ringa Boys and hopefully will continue creating awareness to the rest of country.

That’s why I believe we need to fight depression, it is a conversation that I started at Ringa Boys, because charity starts at home, and will be taking to the rest of the country.


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