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Cute: Caroline Mutoko goofing around with her adorable grown daughter 

November 15, 2017 at 15:57
Caroline Mutoko and daughter

When you hear the name Caroline Mutoko, then you know it’s serious. This media personality has been termed among the most strict women ever witnessed in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

With all that toughness Caroline Mutoko has a soft side we rarely get to see. However, whenever she is around her baby girl Nduku her loving motherly side comes out in the open.

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Just recently she shared an adorable photo spending time with her baby girl. From her caption, seems that the two had to goof around just finished doing Nduku’s homework.

Nduku with her mother, Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko’s daughter

As revealed earlier Nduku is now a grown and is already in school. She recently graduated from pre school as revealed by her mother on Instagram. Anyway many claim that she looks like Caroline Mutoko’s photocopy despite being adopted. Looking at their photos I may agree that the two share some striking resemblance especially their smile.


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