Cute video of DJ Pierra’s all-grown daughter imitating her mom’s bossy attitude excites fans

Image: DJ Pierra Makena and daughter Ricca Pokot

DJ Pierra Makena is a proud mom to a doting young girl who has completely taken after her.

The cute little girl was captured on camera wearing her mom’s braid wig and in a pretty vest top, occasionally whipping her hair back while talking to her mom.

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Known for her heavy accent of the Queen’s language, a dear Ricca Pokot confidently questioned her mom regards her shy male cousin.

Ricca stylishly imitates her mom

The young one had already taken up an attitude, swinging her eyes to the side and playfully acting bossy with her hair.

Her mom, meanwhile, could be heard gasping in the background, shocked by the tell-tales of her little girl.

DJ Pierra’s daughter, Ricca looking classy

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What worried the celebrity DJ and actress most was that a dear Ricca was clearly taking after her right before her eyes.

Either way, Pierra was proud of her little girl slowly turning into a very good actress sweetly gushing: “This baby makes me happy…”


July 22, 2020, the disk jockey female guru celebrated her adorable baby girl as she clocked 4 years, proudly declaring herself a proud single mom to Ricca, with zero regrets about parting ways with the father to her child.

Ever since Ricca came into her life, DJ Pierra has enjoyed a beautiful bond with her twin, who lights up her world.

DJ Pierra Makena and daughter Ricca Pokot

The comment section attracted cheer and laughter as fans could not help but adore the growing baby girl with nothing but love.

top_drawer_thrifts.ke Goshhhh????????????????????


aminaamaru Haiyaaaaa????????????


millianamildred Her eyes❤️❤️ Ricca won’t joke with people. ????


iz_bellarin Awwwh ???????????? she is too adorable


mou_reen4321 It’s the attitude for me❤️????????


dinamwashao Aaaw Ricca u so sweet..how can he just do that


wanjiru_gichimu_ Jeez the attitude weeuh

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