Cyprian Nyakundi slams veteran journalist Alex Chamwada as a snitch for calling police on him

Twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakundi has declared war on veteran journalist Alex Chamwada whom he slammed as a snitch.  Nyakundi vowed to expose Chamwada’s dirty linen in public.

The beef between Nyakundi and Chamwada started when the blogger referred some people as ‘dogs’ after Kenya was stripped the right to host 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) football tournament due to delay in stadia construction. A Confederation of African Football (Caf) inspection team visited Kenya from 11 to 17 September 2017 and found that only one of the four venues was ready to stage the event.

Nyakundi shared a video of William Ruto taken in June 2016 in which the DP was updating Jubilee delegates about the status of 5 stadia which were to be completed within 5 months from June 2016. Nyakundi said Kenya was stripped the right to host CHAN because of lies.

Apparently Alex Chamwada  reported Nyakundi to the police for using the term “Mtoto wa Mbwa” on his post on Facebook. The blogger has since declared war on the veteran blogger for snitching on him to the police.


“Alex Chamwada Calls For Nyakundi Arrest:

Former Tv journalist Alex Chamwada has contacted the police seeking to have blogger Cyprian Nyakundi arrested because of referring to the President as “Mtoto wa Mbwa” (or Son of a Bitch).

The phrase was popularised by the now viral video, where Hon. Babu Owino referred to the President as such, leading to his arrest.

Chamwada together with the trailer-trash bimbo from Cambridge Analytica have been behind the numerous “Fake News” articles and forwards which have breached the peace in Kenya.

Chamwada is now on our radar and I’m asking any and all journalists who have his dirt, to email or text me.

It’s time we brought Chamwada out in the open.

I’m coming for you motherfucker! You can run, but you can’t hide!”

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