Daddy Owen confronts Anitah Raey in LGBTQ debate

Daddy Owen has been a rather outspoken anti-LGBTQ advocate and it really is just common sense given the fact he is a GOSPEL artiste and the Bible is very clear about where Christians and even Jews (all Abrahamic faiths really) on the matter.

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Anitah Raey on the other hand is an unabashed and vocal liberal who enjoys pushing her “woke” views on her audience. Everything that is conservative, she is against just because… She’s your veritable contrarian.

Daddy Owen

So it made for a rather interesting debate when Lynn Ngugi invited them to her show for a debate on the same alongside a panel of their peers. Daddy Owen took the predictable stance of what the Bible says and he argued that the Supreme Court was wrong to allow Kenyan homosexuals the right to set up an NGO as it now opens the door for bandits and gangsters to do the same.

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On her part, Anitah Raey clung to her argument that we should stop calling the culture western as if we do then we should relinquish our technology and clothes (everything Western) because we need to be consistent in our argument.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen and Anitah Raey, however, fell short of having an intellectual argument. On the one hand, the gospel artist was speaking to atheists and homosexuals about the Bible while the latter was using the fallacy of Post hoc ( is a logical fallacy in which one event seems to be the cause of a later event because it occurred earlier).

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It was a really disheartening debate (for me personally) to witness because of the realisation that this calibre of debate is just a slight level above infantile and this is the way a majority of Kenyans reason on the matter.

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