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Daddy Owen is a painful lesson for weak men

June 07, 2022 at 09:28
Daddy Owen is a painful lesson for weak men

Daddy Owen is a weak man. That is the full story. Go on, get. Seriously though, he is the best example of what happens when you fall off your mission and then get left by your wife and what you should not do once she has taken to living with another man.

Ladies! Daddy Owen FINALLY takes off wedding ring months after separating from wife

You see, at one point in his career, he was the biggest name in gospel music. He was consistently churning out hit-after-hit and his name was a bonafide draw for any concert. As a result, huge corporations such as Safaricom were eager to work with him.

Daddy Owen and wife, Farida celebrate 4th wedding anniversary

But Daddy Owen became complacent. He stopped putting out hits and he fell off. And the Kenyan entertainment scene is a brutal one because once you fall off, we collectively move on and having a comeback like Nyashinski’s is something most can only dream of having. It’s why we have so many one-hit-wonders.

‘You Will Be Betrayed, Cheated On, But Seek Help When Necessary’ Daddy Owen On Mental Illness

What most men aren’t taught by their fathers and uncles is that women love a man on his mission. That attraction is only strengthened when said men ascend to the top of their world. However, as our gospel guy found out when you fall off, women are brutal about discarding you. And that is precisely what happened here.

Daddy Owen celebrates wife, Farida

And just like that, Daddy Owen found himself facing a cold tundra that his wife would create in their house. They were doubtless arguments that stemmed from small misunderstandings that he had to contend with. Not only could he do no right, but he also found that she didn’t respect him. And still, he stayed.

“I used to hide and cry alone” Daddy Owens comes clean about battle with depression(Video)

And the thing of note about weak men who identify as being born again is that they often elect to suffer a horrible marriage because Hosea did so. And the church leaders champion this weak-minded misinterpretation of the Bible to push their own agendas. And weak-willed men like Daddy Owen pay the price for this horseshit.

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen

Now at least, after paying his penance for the failure of his marriage, he has decided to take off his ring. Or rather, his daddy-pastor has permitted him to take off that wedding ring. And he is celebrating the fact that he has won something as he intimates that he might be in a new relationship.

Daddy Owen: Admission about marriage is a condemnation of masculinity in the church

Someone needs to slap him hard. Twice. What he needs to focus on is his mission. He needs to get back into the studio and release hits. He needs to decide whether that is still his mission or not and attempt to conquer it. He needs to focus on that alone.

And therein is the moral of our story: men need to focus on themselves. Think of it this way, men need to focus on learning to be strong until they are strong. They need to learn to focus on their mission until they are solid. No one is coming to rescue you and you cannot lean on your woman. That is an unfair burden you’re putting on her.

Don’t be Daddy Owen, don’t forget your grind. Love is for women, children and pets. Men aren’t human beings, they are human doings. That’s why only women can sing songs that ask, “What have you done for me lately?” or “No Romance With No Finance”.

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