Daddy Owen: Admission about marriage is a condemnation of masculinity in the church

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Daddy Owen recently came out to admit that the rumours circulating about his marriage coming to an end is true. He and his ex-wife, Farida Wambui decided they were better apart but the information was not released by either of them, rather, by Daddy Owen’s friends who were worried about him.

Daddy Owen still wearing his wedding ring is an admission of weakness

And as a result, Daddy Owen came out to tepidly admit that indeed, she had left him for another man, a man said to be a well to do business tycoon from the greater GilGil area. She was even to be seen driving one of his luxury 4×4 vehicles.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen is a simp

This was doubtless humiliating and he had no option but to eat that humble pie. The problem most men have with how Daddy Owen responded to the drama is that he has been moping and whining. And this has led me to wonder what the church has done to provide this man with leadership and direction and support in the most trying time in his life but more importantly, in the lead up to these issues.

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You see, before he was married, Daddy Owen was a man of God. He was a gospel artist who would tell it from the rooftops that he really loved God. he was always active in church and at one point was one of the leading figures in the church.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen never got actionable advice for his marriage with Farida Wambui

However, when it comes to marriage, it would seem his Christian peers and men of the cloth did nothing to prepare him for the realities of life and are still doing nothing to help steel him. Why do I say this? because he has no stoicism.

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You see, I am a university kid with mentors I was lucky to get to agree to mentor me. While they are but men, they have a lot to teach with regard to masculinity. I have a space where I can go and be a man in every sense of the word. And it is jarring for me to see that I am getting more information from a world selection of gents than a man got from his church when his marriage was at stake.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen chilling

Daddy Owen needed a male pastor who would sit him down and explain the challenges to be expected from marriage. The truth that men are human doings and not human beings like women and children. A man only has his utility to fall back on. if he is of no use to society or his family, he gets no love. Women and children are loved for simply being. I was taught this. how is it the church failed him when it comes to learning this? I mean, the book of proverbs teaches self-improvement to men and teaches women not to destroy their home and marriage?!

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Daddy Owen never learned not to pedestalize a woman. You see, when you put someone above you, you, in essence, are worshipping them. That means that Bwana Daddy gave Farida Wambui no option but to look down at him. Yet the Bible clearly says that man must have no other idol but God. How a pastor failed to have real conversations grounded in reality with him is scary.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen and Farida Wambui in happier days

Daddy Owen was never taught how to settle conflicts in his home and provide leadership. That is why he says for three years he has had hell on earth with Ms Wambui. he never was taught that he needs to lead. Yet the Bible is clear on him having the responsibility to be the head of his household. Pastors failed to translate this fact to him within the context of the modern world. This is insane to see that men are clearly not benefiting much from going to church.

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The pastors, the church has failed men yet they shame men for not attending faithfully. When I see a story like this and see the comments online of men sharing similar experiences, I see that there is a reason for the declining attendance numbers of men. It offers little if any value. I mean, I am learning more from being around mentors than I would be going in to listen to politically correct rubbish that has little to do with my journey in life as a man.

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