Daughter of Jezebel! GK Nyambura’s fan confesses to infecting ex boyfriend with HIV as payback

The daughters of Jezebel are working overtime to punish their ex boyfriends for cheating. Well, we all know heartbreaks hurt and the worst part is that there’s no medication to cure the ache.

For some reason the pain turns the jilted lover to a psychopath which has clearly been explained by confessions made by different women on how they punished their cheating partners.

Okay, it all started after GK Nyambura (the one who stormed at her boyfriend’s apartment at 4AM to collect her clothes) shared a QnA post asking;

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to your partner?

And just like that, the ladies started sharing their stories. Well, some were just mean – for instance one mentioned how she texted her ex man’s mum telling him he had died; and worst part is that she’d switched of the fella’s phone – so they couldn’t reach him.

Jezebel at work

However another one left tongues wagging with disgust and disappointment after confessing how she set up her ex boyfriend with a positive lady as payback.

Yes, she actually wrote;

Set him up with a shwaty who’s positive ????????made sure he tested positive and left him.


Lol revenge for cheating


GK Nyambura


Okay okay….whaaaaat? I mean with such confessions from her followers (who are probably her age-mates) it now explains why young men are opting for older women…ie Govi and Guardian Angel.

Well….I guess we will continue being boyfriendless cause damn hii bale imeharibu vitu.

Anyway below are a few reactions from fans who couldn’t believe their eyes after reading the confession.

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