‘Dawa Ya Balloon Ni Sindano’-Kelvin Kinuthia Declares Interest In Mtumba Man (Screenshot)

Popular cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia has sparked gay speculations after he confessed his love for ‘Mtumba Man’. Kelvin had recently announced his return to the streets and stated that he was ready to mingle. He admitted that his DM was filled with both men & women who wanted to date the fella. He wasn’t choosy on gender. As a matter of fact, his priority was to date a rich person.

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Gay Or Nay?

Kinuthia first gained popularity for his impeccable cross-dressing skills and ability to wear women’s make-up flawlessly. For this reason, Kinuthia has for a long time been termed as gay. Further, he also showed interest to popular street dancer Moya David; who thought it was despicable for him to shoot his shot at him.

”Of course mimi ni mali safi. But sasa inatoka from the wrong person. Inatoka from the wrong gender. Ingekuwa ni msichana, hio nayo ningefurahia.”

This time, Kinuthia has flaunted a photo hanging out with ‘Mtumba Man’, the dude was well known for his hilarious slangs while hawking clothes- ‘Ng’ara mpaka waseme uko na mubaba’. 

Kinuthia’s caption insinuated that he’s ready to get married to the fella;

” Dawa ya balloon ni shindano ❤@mtumba_man Will you❤????????”

Kinuthia is probably off the market by now. But things are now in black and blue that he can do men as well.

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