Dazla impresses as he features Jua Cali in ‘Zigi Zaga.’

After the play Kenyan music drama, seems some artists in the Kenyan Music scene are now embracing the support young talents narrative. By this, long time recording artists Jua Cali has featured in Dazla Kiduche’s new song ‘Zigi zaga’.

Dazla and Jua Cali

Duzla is a fast rising coast based artist of the famed ‘Kide kide’ hit that he featured Susumila back in 2016. ‘Zigi zaga’ is more of a feel good song that seeks to reach party and fun lovers. The song starts with beautiful ambiance of the oceanic view, before Jua Cali comes in with his rap prowess of,

Msichana wa Kiafrika Unanimaliza,mtaani kila siku unaleta shida.Ngozi laini, Rangi imeshika, macho nazo zinanichizisha,Nikikuona Damu inachemka , nisipokuona pia inachemka,Usiende mbali weni wangu mtoto wa geti kali karibu kwangu……

The vixens doing justice to the video in the same kind of bikini flaunting their beauty. As Jua Cali continues showering the African woman with praises of how beautiful they are such that they make him go ‘Zigi zaga”.

Zigi zaga

Duzla Joins in at the chorus with ,

You’re my African Womannn( Zigi zigi zaga),You’re my African Womannn( Zigi zigi zaga) Am in love sitorudi nyuma(zigi zigi zaga)Am in love kwako nimekwama(zigi zigi zaga)

Then follows his stanza accompanied by sultry shots of the model in the video. Dazla outdid himself as he sensationalized his verse giving you a reason to dance to this tune.

However,as Dazla struggles to reach a bigger audience, this collaboration is more like a pacesetter for him. Jua Cali in his part spiced up the hook of the song with the Genge Vibe through out the son.

The song was produced by Tee Hits and Shot by Neezoh Montana.When you thought Dazla was just the smooth swahili boy , think again.

I give it 7/10 rating.Check it out and tell us what you think.


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