DCI find crucial evidence in the DJ Fatxo murder case

DJ Fatxo must have been wishing for better news, however, he has to contend with the fact that the DCI has announced that they have retrieved fresh evidence in the murder investigation of the case involving the late Jeff Mwathi.

Why the DJ Fatxo case is really scary

The DCI has claimed they have retrieved what they suspect to be the murder weapon which they elected not to reveal as yet. They have since passed on their new findings to their forensic department which is looking into the DNA material found on it.

The late Jeff Mwathi

DJ Fatxo had previously been cleared by police officers who had closed the case claiming it to be a matter of self-deletion by the late Jeff Mwathi, a claim which riled up Kenyans into anger and they in turn pushed Kithure Kindiki, the Cabinet Secretary of Interior and Administration of National Government into tasking his charges to do a more thorough investigation.

The Speculation Against DJ Fatxo Has Gone Too Far

The DCI further revealed that they are embarking on the next subsequent phase of their investigations which will see them interrogating the suspects in the case. There are several persons of interest including DJ Fatxo himself, his cousin and their driver as well as the 3 women they had been partying with while in the company of the deceased.

Dj Fatxo

Previously, when the matter first surfaced, the DJ shared some rather cryptic but insinuating posts on his social media saying things like, “The wages of sin is death”.

DJ Fatxo should just shut up

The father of the late Jeff Mwathi had pleaded with the government to look into the matter and it seems his pleas were heeded. DJ Fatxo has since given an interview claiming that he had asked his mother to reach out to the family of the deceased seeking to help them lay their son to rest to no avail.

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