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Detective Jane Mugo calls off engagement, says fiance is a fraud

October 31, 2022 at 17:27
Detective Jane Mugo calls off engagement, says fiance is a fraud

Ogopa Nairobi. I say this following Jane Mugo’s latest story concerning her a man she had fallen in love and even got engaged to be married in the future. From what she now says is that he is a fraud who has been using women for his own advantage, not forgetting the children he has also abandoned.

Jane Mugo off the market

As seen in a lengthy post shared on her social media pages, Jane Mugo who is a detective now says all hell broke loose after announcing her engagement on social media; as women conned by her fiance swamped her DM telling her what Boaz Romano had put them through.

When I posted about my engagement in July, I received congratulations messages from my followers, media streams, enemies, family and friends. Mad respect for you all. Same day I received DM, disturbing sms and photos from four women; USA, Pokot, Kitale and Kisumu. They were all bitter but honest to me because this guy had played them online and promised marriages and the fact that he was outside Kenya he had not met them.

Having falle in love, she obviously ignored the red flags until October when she realized the man she was about to marry was a fraud. To make matter worse, turns out that his own mother and siblings sold him out to the detective – telling her that he would never change for the better. She went on to explain the situation saying;

Detective Jane Mugo

All this hapened when I was bedridden in hospital after the kidnap and later I joined campaigns so I was busy but we spoke daily. He did it online. I chose to ignore them because I was determined to make my marriage stand. This month he jetted back into the country. His schoolmates, neighbours, mother (my mother in law) confirmed to me he has not changed.

Not a KDF officer

As if thats not enough, Jane now says she later learnt that her ex fiance, Boaz was not even a KDF officer as he had claimed. Wait… how?

Anyway narrating this, Mugo went on to write;

To me, it’s not about my happiness, but you cannot hurt your own mother, ex-women, blood children, lie about your career then you treat me like a queen. A woman is crying, I respect hearts. I have dignity.

Anyway having learnt her lesson the hard way, Jane Mugo says she is now single but doesnt want to mingle anymore. Like i said, Ogopa Nairobi…..if a whole detective can fall that hard, je wewe?

I’m confirming I’m #SINGLE, busy, happy and not searching. I’m returning the ring and all gifts to the sender. It’s not worth fighting for. You still claim to love respect me. Thank you KDF family for telling me the truth a teacher cannot be one of you. Thank you, my followers and Pokot community for being honest. Thank you Steve my brother-in-law you really tried.

And lastly….

Thank you everyone who sent me exhibits and I confirmed this month it’s because you love me. Social media has power. Let’s get up and serve God and community. A human being can be a narcissist. I prayed God to bless me with a husband, Devil sent this


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