“Diamond did not buy this car” Tanasha speaks of her sleek BMW

Tanasha Donna Oketch took to social media to flaunt her German machine and critics quickly concluded that her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz bought her the car.

The Kenyan beauty is a proud owner of a sleek navy blue BMW 320i. She paraded her car on social media while taking about how much she misses it (Tanasha regularly accompanies her boyfriend wherever he goes so she rarely drives her car).

“Miss my BEAST baby blue ? @bmw,” Tanasha captioned her post on IG.

Bought it myself

Tanasha was quick to dismiss critics who claimed Diamond bought her the BMW;

“Oh my God! Tanasha, Diamond has played his part. That is why I like him. When he loves, acquiring valuables like houses and cars for his partner are not a big thing. When interacting with Diamond, kindly advise him to take care of his father, who is languishing in poverty. The singer’s dad does not own a decent house. Ask Diamond to build the old man a house, and God will bless your union with him,” a certain Dayana commented on Tanasha’s post.

To which Tanasha replied;

“Dayana, Diamond did not buy this car for me. I bought it myself, dear.”



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