“Diamond did not make me famous,” Tanasha Donna fiercely claps back (Video)

Tanasha Donna has rubbished claims that Diamond Platnumz was the key behind her success.

The Kenyan singer who locked eyes with the Tanzanian superstar in late 2018, clarified that Diamond helped boost her brand but that was not to give him all the credit as masses had earlier presumed.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

According to the 25-year old lass, whether her baby daddy was going to be in her life or not, she still had a vision and dream for the future. Plus, she was already well connected with artistes both locally and globally to even rely on Diamond’s networks.

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Tanasha Donna and Shaq the Yungin

T Donna further told Tuko that her career’s success would probably have delayed with a few years were it not for Diamond, but that did not mean she would not get there in the long run, No.

Diamond has contributed to boosting my numbers in a short period of time most definitely for the fact that I was dating him. But whether he was in the picture or not, my focus was there from a very long time ago, I knew what my destiny was, I knew what I wanted to achieve. I was already very well connected in the industryy.

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Her past with Diamond

The young mom of one strongly refuted claims she used Diamond to climb to the top, attesting that she actually genuinely loved the lad and was never for the idea of going public with their relationship from the start.

I genuinely loved him, he knows that. I was loyal to him and he used to say that himself. He could take my phone and go through it so comfortably. I believe that if I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t have been loyal.

Diamond and Tanasha Donna

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To date, the Kenyan babe adores and fully respects the father to her son. She might have moved on in terms of the heartbreak but she will forever love the man who bore her first child.

That’s a man I will always have love for regardless the back and forth. I moved on but at the end of the day, he’s the father of my son. But I’m not in love with him, I’m past that.

Tanasha with baby Naseeb Junior

Relationships are however no longer her focus like before.

I’m really taking my time. I used to prioritize falling in love a lot because of the fact that I lost that male figure and presence in my childhood life. But now that I have my son, he remains my main focus. I’m trying to do it the old school way, waiting for marriage.

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