Diamond: People can be so mean, they say Tiffah is beautiful but they don’t want to hear she got the cuteness from me


Diamond Platnumz is baffled by how people talk about his daughter being pretty yet the same people can’t stand it when he says Tiffah got the cuteness from him.

First they said Tiffah Dangote was not Diamond’s biological daughter.  Diamond was forced to do DNA test just to prove his critics wrong.

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Diamond and his daughter Tiffah Dangote
Look like daddy!

Diamond says critics can’t take it when he says Tiffah got her cuteness from him. He is perplexed why people claim his daughter is pretty but don’t want to associate her cuteness with him.

“People can be so mean, they say you are so beautiful…and they say you look like me… but then i wonder why they don’t wanna take it when i tell them you got your cuteness from your Dad then..?)
Yani Binadam Wanahusda sana… Wanasema wewe ni mzuri…. Wanasema pia Umefanana sana na mie baba Yako… Lakini nikiwaambia basi kama hivyo, Uzuri umerithi kwangu mie baba yako Hawataki….? @princess_tiffah,” wrote Diamond.

Tiffah Dangote

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