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Diamond Platinumz approves Zari Hassan´s King Bae as his kids´ uncle

April 25, 2019 at 08:37
Diamond Platinumz approves Zari Hassan´s King Bae as his kids´ uncle

This week has seen a war of words with allegations crisscrossing the Diamond-Zari doms, however, Diamond  says he is cool with Zari´s Papichullo.

Speaking exclusively to Wasafi Tv, Chibu shares:

I´m happy that she is in another relationship.

He further adds that he is impressed with the kind of bonding his blood kids have with Zari´s papichullo, back at home:

Pale nyumbani mimi naona clip anakujaga na boyfriend wake na watoto wangu wanakuwa naye na hiyo kwangu mimi ni faraja.

What matters most to the bongo flava artist is that his kids are under good hands, a good gentleman, one he can proudly say, are his kids´ uncle:

Akiwa na boyfriend ambaye yuko vizuri watoto wanakuwa na uncle smart.

Diamond Platinumz further articulates that breaking up, moving on and adding in a new lover in one´s life is important and not contrary:

Na ukiachana na mtu si eti ndo akuwe tu pekee yake, am just cool, I don´t have a problem with that.

Mwisho wa siku unapoachana na mtu lazima atakuwa na mahusiano mengine.

It is actually the Wasafi King´s delight to know that Zari has moved on with a guy she  cherishes, and that is important:

Mimi kwanza akiwa na mahusiano ndo nafurahi kwa maana mtu asipokuwa na mahusiano ndo anabaki kukuchukia wewe.

Kila mtu ana mahusiano yake sasa na hiyo ni kitu kizuri.

The Tanzanian music sensation seems to put across that the two are comfortable in their now separate love lives and are happy for each other, at least, he is.

Well, we hope so.


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