Diamond Platnumz comes clean about alcohol and drug addiction

Image: Diamond Platnumz in mourning

Diamond Platnumz is not shy to admit that once in a while he enjoys sipping on some alcohol to let out some stress or just enjoy himself.  But, other than this – baba Tiffah says he doesn’t indulge in any other drugs as alleged on social media.

Diamond Platnumz

The singer revealed this during an interview for his FOA EP media tour where finallu responded to claims of being a low key drug addict. However, from what he says, alcohol is the only think he partakes in; but since last year October he has not touched it due to personal reasons.

I will be honest with you, I take alcohol but I have taken a break since October last year.

Diamond Platnumz went on to address the drug related stories saying that most of these rumors are often sparked by fans posing as haters (Harmonize) and that’s why he never follows up with the accusations.

I don’t take it personally when some of these artists allege such things towards me since some of them are my secret fans.

Harmonize spilling dirt on former boss

However a while back, Harmonize implied that Diamond Platnumz has been hooked to hard drugs for a long time; and couldn’t understand how the government appointed him to lead a campaign against drug abuse among Tanzanian youth…when he is fighting his own demons on the side.

In his statement against Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize had said;

Vijana, pia ukishapokea mamillion ya shilling 600m, ukishavutia unga yakiwa yanakaribia kuisha, ni vyema kuyauliza au kutadai fadhila. Pia vijana jitahidini kutofautisha kipi ni hatari katio ya mihadarati na huo unga unao kukondesha.

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