Diamond Platnumz deletes controversial video where he lied Tiffah & Nillan are his only children


Aki men….men will embrass you and if thats not enough – theyll lie with a straight face making you even doubt yourself. We all saw it right? Like we literally witnessed Diamond Platnumz tell Tiffah and Nillan that he has no other kids but them.

Diamond Platnumz with Dylan

Okay, i agree the question caught him off guard (that is if it wasnt planned) but then again – he was not right to deny having Dylan and NJ who are his sons. Actually wait….Diamond Platnumz once revealed that Tiffah is actually his second born since he has another daughter with an ex from his past.

Well with the video shared on his page, it had over 100k views and over 3k comments before he pulled it down on Tuesady, 18th evening – probably to minimize on the insults in the comment section from single mums who have probably dealt with men like him.

Naseeb Jnr (NJ)

Diamond Platnumz guilty for denying his kids?

I want to believe maybe Diamomd Platnumz thought sharing the video would help show off how smart his kids are; forgetting the contents would offend other people – like Hamisa and Tanasha Donna who also have kids with him.

Diamond Platnumz


But of course he didnt pay much attention to it hence the damage and backlash he has since been receiving. More of like mwiba wa kujidunga.

Not sure whether deleting it will help soften his baby mamas hearts, but truth is……alichoma!


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