Diamond Platnumz extravagant house tour that has taken Africa by storm (Video)

Monday, May 25th Africa came together to celebrate Africa Day amidst the global Eid Mubarak festivities.

Africa´s Day is exactly what it sounds like, appreciating out heritage, diverse cultures and values that still stand the test of time.

To mark the day, British actor, Idris Elba took the opportunity to host Africa Day benefit concert, featuring among Africa´s finest stars across the board.

However, one figure who stood out was Bongo music sensation, Diamond Platnumz. Yes, everyone performed to their taste but the kind of approach the Tanzanian crooner took, was just at another level.

Tanzanian music icon, Diamond Platnumz

Let´s go step by step.

House tour

Chibu decided to take the continent on a tour of his multi-million bungalow in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam, taking fans and the world at large, room after the other in his mansion.

Diamond Platnumz´s bedroom

Well, it started off with a half-dressed dashing beauty bringing breakfast to his bedroom.

Diamond Platnumz home interior

Before he woke up, spotted the girl who signaled him to follow suit and he quickly grabbed the mic.

Diamond Platnumz home interior

Turns out, the lady was meant to be a vixen for his performance on Jeje which he picked as his choice for the online perfomance.

The Caucasian-skinned beauty led the way, Platnumz followed, staging bone-breaking moves at his bedroom door before leaving for the cubicle that houses his outfits.

Diamond Platnumz home interior

Here, he shows off his neatly-packed, though crowded cloth and shoe closets, giving us a wide range of his clothes, to his caps, to his shoes,..just to mention a few.

Diamond Platnumz Africa Day house tour

Couple seconds in and we leave for downstairs. Naseeb is on the mic and impressed by the words serenaded on her by the artist, the vixen unapologetically flips her hair back and keeps walking us through.

Entangled by the vixen´s seamless body movement, Diamond could not let go and quickly followed her to the ground floor.

They stop at a rack that harbors his numerous awards, speaking talent, fame and diversity.

Diamond Platnumz Africa Day house tour

She gets down twerking to the crooner´s taste who swiftly follows her into the kitchen.

Diamond Platnumz kitchen

Not much in there before the exit door took us to the dining area that sings a different tune: class, elegance and a finer taste of life.

Diamond Platnumz dining area

That was just a show of what we were to expect of his spacious living room.

Softly yet elegantly lit. Not too bright, not too dark, just a sweet blend of light. Works of art that we can only speculate run into millions, covered up the walls.

Let´s not even get into details of the ceiling or even the candle stands, let alone the flower vases. That is a whole other story.

Diamond Platnumz living room

The band is on set, icing the mood already set and giving flavor to Diamond´s house tour.

We then head for the exterior of the house, the two play a little game on their way out, Diamond requesting for the sexy girl´s body, who sweetly turns down.

Diamond Platnumz Africa Day house tour

We leave for the exterior. Now! This is where it got juicer.

Down the stairs, to the greenery, as we make our way to the pool. The wide variety of palm trees that cover the house´s vast compound.

Diamond Platnumz home exterior

Still twerking as we go by the anthem´s step-by-step yet distinct beats.

Well-trimmed lawns that added to the greenery, not to forget the house´s green-colored tiles and windows that completed the entire look.

Diamond Platnumz home exterior

The camera person was so accurate, they gave us a glance of Diamond´s series of Toyota Landcrusier Prados that were articulately lined up and the Rolls Royce he recently purchased, you´d think this was a politician´s parking lot.

Suitably placed just meters to the main door, to ensure not much walking was being done.

Diamond Platnumz home exterior

Let´s get to the pool, where a different band group stood, the vixen showcasing her boneless body movements, with Platnumz going all-chest open to flaunt his gym work lately.

Now we know why he´s been working out. Especially for this particular event, because c´mon, Africa was watching, it needed to be perfect.

Diamond Platnumz home exterior

Back to the videographer who perfectly executed his mandate in parading Diamond´s luxurious mansion and wealth of cars, giving us an almost-complete view of the house in Dar es Salaam.

If you´ve come across Tanasha´s pictures while she was in Tanzania, this view of the house would ring a bell.

Diamond Platnumz home exterior

This is where, Diamond and his crew called it a day, as we wound up on his track Jeje. The leg and body work, the perfect blend of the different bands in every room, the eye-catching vicinity, the radiance that came with it…The house tour was sure a 10!

Have a look and tell me if that wasn´t worth a shoot…


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