Diamond Platnumz is a rubbish father! So why do women keep choosing him?


Diamond Platnumz is an absolutely garabage father for any child. So why (pray tell) do women keep choosing to have children by him? That is the topic of conversation I recently had with a guy I would like to call my mentor. And it is an important one because it affects how all men are treated by the women they pursue.

“You need to introduce them to their half-siblings” Diamond Platnumz advised by his mum

You see, when you think of Mondi (just found out that’s apparently what Tanzanians call him), what comes to mind? Perhaps it is his success and fame as East Africa’s biggest star. Or perhaps, if you’re older than 18 years old, you also think of just how irresponsible he is with his seed.

And that is why Diamond keeps siring children like a rabbit (or rat) and women still flock to him perhaps hoping they’ll be the exception and change him for the better. They think they can tame him but why are so many attracted to him like flies to shi faeces. And it is ludicrous to imagine because it flies in the face of his patterns.

‘My Twin’- Diamond Platnumz, Tanasha Donna Celebrate Son’s 3rd Birthday

So why do women keep choosing him? Well, the most straightforward answer would be that they are illogical. But we aren’t going for low-hanging fruit that would allow low-IQ, low-integrity male feminists to claim misogyny. So we are going to take a look at who he is and contrast that to why he is attractive to women.

And the first reason women keep chasing after Diamond Platnumz is his success. And indeed, he is the biggest star in East and Central Africa. To women, this ignites their hypergamous instinct. What is hypergamy? Well, you could always Google that but seeing as were having that conversation, hypergamy is the “action of marrying or forming a sexual relationship with a person of a superior sociological or educational background”. Women see him as a come-up. Why? Because we live in 3rd world realities and 3rd world economics. Women figure that siring his progeny is a score. It’s an investment for them to be set for the rest of their lives.

Tanasha confessed she had been lying about Diamond Platnumz being a deadbeat dad

And then there is the less understood reason that we simply talk about as “he’s a bad boy”. The Overton Window on this doesn’t allow us to view this from a more cerebral plane: hybristophilia. What that refers to is an attraction to criminal elements. It becomes about women wanting the bad boy when it gets distilled down.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is quintessentially that. He is the guy that marches to the beat of his own drums. He answers to his own time. he is a bad boy because he makes his own rules. Not all women are hybristophiliacs but all hybristophiliacs are women. They want the thrill that comes along with dating a bad guy. The emotional highs are dizzying. But the lows are truly low. My mentor let me in on a little secret though, women want to feel something. They want to feel alive. And what is more alive than the exhilaration of not knowing whether you’re going to get high highs or low lows?

Fans cheering up Diamond Platnumz with “still a winner” posts are pitiful

It doesn’t matter that he is a father to many by many different mothers, all that matters to most women is the promise of financial security and the possibility of being the one to tame him a la beauty and the beast.

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